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Satipharm specialises in the development and delivery cannabis-based health products.

Our Products

Our patented Gelpell® capsules contain full spectrum* hemp extract CBD in seamless Gelpell® gelatine beads. These Gelpell® beads are placed within the gastro-resistant capsule ensuring the release of CBD in the small intestine. This improves the body’s absorption of cannabinoids. Consumers can be confident that they will receive the same dose of CBD every time a Satipharm CBD Gelpell® capsule is taken.

Satipharm CBD 10mg Gelpell® Capsules

Satipharm 10mg CBD Gelpell® capsules will be available early 2019.

Satipharm CBD 50mg Gelpell® Capsules

Satipharm CBD 50mg Gelpell® capsules are available in Australia through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Special Access Scheme (Category B) or through the Authorised Prescriber scheme.  Patients wishing to access medicinal cannabis products should discuss access with their physician and make themselves familiar with the processes by reading the TGA advice at www.tga.gov.au/access-medicinal-cannabis-products

Once the physician has the required approval, this prescription can then be sent to our distributor, HL Pharma, who will arrange delivery to a dispensing pharmacy. HL Pharma can be contacted at contact@hlpharma.com.au.


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