About Satipharm

Satipharm AG is the medical and health division of Harvest One. We specialize in
providing effective and innovative cannabis products to markets around the world with a primary focus on CBD treatments. Our CBD GelPells were one of the first prescription cannabis products used by patients in Australia and are widely available across the EU.

Currently, two separate Phase 2 trials are in development. One on pediatric refractory epilepsy is underway and another on multiple sclerosis is about to commence. Initial results have been predominantly positive.


Containing 100% natural CBD, our proprietary Gellpell® Microgel capsules are the most effective and consistent technology developed for cannabinoid delivery. Engineered to overcome bioavailability and consistency issues associated with oral delivery of cannabis-based products, GelPell® marks a significant advancement in CBD delivery systems.

Available in Good Manufacturing Practices certified 10 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg


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